Green opportunities in the logistics industry.

Green changes in the supply chain or sustainability and environmental improvement initiatives are helping to make the supply chain more eco-friendly. Born as a result of increasing global concern over imminent climate change, the shipping industry is now taking its role more seriously. Green changes in the supply chain have become necessary if not critical as evidenced by the Paris Agreement, which Italy is a part of.

The Paris Agreement was signed by a record 175 countries with each pledging to make every effort to cut down global greenhouse emissions. Shippers and freight forwarders have followed suit and taken steps to address some of the environmental issues and negative practices that are caused by and are affecting the industry. Case in point, On Friday 13th, 2018, the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) agreed for the first time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping during the 72nd session held at the company headquarters.

The landmark deal was signed at a meeting held at the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London. The participants agreed to adopt the first in a long line of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

Green opportunities in the logistics industry are now abundant and freight forwarding companies such as ALLTRANS are embracing sustainable and green changes in the supply chain not only to protect the environment but also a way to improve efficiency.

It is imperative to remember that sustainability is not just vital for the sake of the environment; each Euro saved, as a result of instituting and enforcing green changes in the supply chain, results in profitability.

Freight forwarders are now implementing green changes and adopting eco-friendly policies that govern how they conduct business. From working to reduce the consumption of energy, as well as carbon emissions to using eco-friendly packaging and adopting enhanced warehouse management systems, paperless operations, green changes in the supply chain are abound.

ALLTRANS is keeping ahead of its competitors in the process.