CORONA VIRUS 2019: Negative behavior of shipping companies

Dear Customers,

Just a brief note aimed at updating you about the difficult situation in which we are forced to operate, in this pandemic situation, in the execution of your sea shipments.

Meanwhile, all the players in the logistics chain have tirelessly contributed allowing the supply chain to function at its best on all markets, shipping lines have engaged in a conduct aimed solely at achieving maximum profits.

Departures cancellations, unilateral cancellation of in force conditions, massive reductions in hold space, lack of equipment and dizzying increases in freight rates, have led to a discontinuity in the maritime supply chain which at this moment seriously threatens the recovery of international trade and the world economy, making it extremely difficult for forwarding companies to carry out their work at the service of manufacturing companies.

This behavior was brought to the attention of the European Commission through the joint action of CLECAT and ESC, while in the USA, Federal Maritime Commission decided to intensify checks on the correctness of behavior of the "shipping alliances".

Hoping that shipping companies may soon begin to consider more responsibly the contribution that the maritime supply chain expects from them, ALLTRANS will continue to ensure its continuous commitment to all customers.

We thank you for your attention, best regards,

Mario Enrico Disegni