Wood packaging coming from China and Bielorussia

Application of E.U provision 2018/1137


Dear Customers,
We would like to bring to your knowledge the entry into force of an important provision which, with EU decision 2018/1137 from the 1st of October, for the whole EU territory, will regulate the surveillance and the phytosanitary controls, as well as the measures to be adopted in relation to the wood packaging material used to transport products from CHINA and BELARUS.

The introduction of the new provision will be accompanied by an operational provision by the Customs Agency that as soon as available, will be the subject of an upcoming circular communication.

In the meantime, we would like to underline that for a better application of the standard it is necessary that the documentation accompanying the goods (B/L, AWB, packing list, or invoice) present reliable information on the nature of the packaging used, taking into account that the conformity of the regulated packaging is acknowledged only from the presence of the IPPC brand.

Very best regards to all.
The Management